Delta Pest Control offer full surveys of your home and garden. 

This service is ideal if you are planning to purchase or rent a new home and you would like the property to be inspected for any current or future potential pest issues.

The survey will include inspection of all rooms in the home, as well as the loft, front garden, back garden and any outbuildings.

The survey is intended to flag up any current issues to the owner. Some pests only become apparent at certain times of the year.

We can look for signs of previous infestation, advise the owner, and take steps to prevent re-occurrences.


We can also identify potential defects in the building that could lead to infestation, and provide recommendations to the homeowner.

This gives you a full picture of the property you are purchasing or renting. We will provide a full survey report and if we do discover any issues, we will include a quote to resolve the issue, which you can take back to the seller/landlord to discuss. 

In a residential property the duration of the survey will be approximately one hour, depending on the size of the property and it's surrounding land.

Residential Surveys

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Commercial Surveys

Delta Pest Control offer full surveys of commercial premises. This is ideal for business owners who have just acquired a new premise, or have concerns about a existing premise.

The survey includes inspection of all areas of the premise, including storage areas, lofts/cellars, staff and kitchen areas.

If the premise serves food we can also inspect Electric Fly Killers if required. 

Inspection also includes any outbuildings, car parks, or land/gardens which are owned by the business. 

The survey is intended to flag up any current issues or infestations. Provide advice on prevention and proofing. As well as providing recommendations if the premise falls short of environmental health standards from a pest control point of view. 

The duration of the commercial surveys will be approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the property and its surrounding land.


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