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Honey Bee Removal & Relocation

Listen to our radio interview with BBC Coventry & Warwickshire about our honey bee work!

Our Interview with BBC Coventry & Warwickshire - Delta Pest Control
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Delta Pest Control technicians are fully qualified, experienced bee removers with Honey Bee Removal Certification.


Bees are vital to keep our eco-system healthy and play an important role in pollinating our flowers, fruits and vegetables. 

Generally, bees rarely present problems as pests. However, there are occasions where feral swarms and nests make their home in undesirable locations of a property. Such as the chimney, external walls, and roofs of properties. This is when they can become a big problem. 

Problems we have encountered, include;

  • Leaking of honey through ceilings or walls - causing damage and staining to the property

  • Honey stored in the hive can also attract a number of other pests such as flies

  • Colonies that have grown larger over the years have become audible within the property

  • Trades unable to access the area to carry out building work or essential repairs 

Delta Pest Control specialise in the safe LIVE removal and relocation of honey bees. We hold insurance which covers us for honey bee removals and "cut outs" from within properties. All of our removals are live - we do NOT kill bees.

Honeybees live in large "families" and can survive many years because they huddle together and eat honey to keep themselves alive during the winter months. Honeybee nests vary in size. Honey bees are typically active between March - October. They can be identified by their black abdomen with amber bands. Their rear legs are bare and shiny.

Unlike the bumble bee, a nest of honey bees is a more permanent situation – only part of the colony swarm off to make a new nest elsewhere, and leave the other part of the colony behind in the original nest.

Honey bees have large colonies – perhaps 10 to 20,000 individual bees (Yes, really!), and reaching much more at its peak in a bee hive. 

Honey bee removals from walls, chimneys, roofs  and ceiling voids are known as "cut outs". We are insured to carry out cut outs, and have qualified builders to hand on occasions where any structural aspects of the building are involved. 

Our highlight from the 2019 season -Amongst many other honey bee removal jobs, we also preserved an extremely large (20k+) honey bee colony from the ceiling of a residential property. We are delighted to say that this relocation story has been covered by the BBC. You can see our BBC Midlands today news clip below. 

bbc news

Delta Pest Control remove honey bees, and clean up the area.

We are in contact with local bee keepers, who we work with to provide a new home for the bees to thrive, once they have been removed from the undesirable location.

If you have honey bees in your property, please get in touch to arrange a survey. If you have been previously told the bees are not accessible... give us a call! 

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