Delta Pest Control provides Solar Panel Proofing to protect your solar panels from nesting pigeons. We use either solar panel bird exclusion mesh or Solar Guard spikes, to stop birds nesting & creating a mess underneath your solar panels.

This proofing will also stop squirrels, jackdaws and other birds, from making their home underneath your panels.

Proofing Options :


Proofing with Mesh

To proof solar panels, mesh is installed around all sides of the panels. This is to prevent birds from gaining access to underneath the panels. At Delta Pest Control we use a high quality, heavy duty galvanised wire mesh, to ensure the proofing is robust and will stand all weather conditions.


We then use solar panel clips to secure the mesh neatly in place. The solar panel clips are a robust design incorporating a unique locking nut. They are designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar panels, (used in conjunction with Solar Panel Mesh). They are non-penetrating, so there is no requirement for drilling, or disrupting the solar panels at all - therefore, they will not affect the panels warranty.


Clips can be removed to enable the servicing of panels.


Unlike other companies, Delta Pest Control prepare the mesh off-site. So when we arrive at a customers property, the mesh is already prepared and ready to install. This means, no mess from cutting and preparing mesh at the customers property, and reduces time on site.


We will remove any nesting materials from under the panels before proofing. On occasions, unfortunately there may be deceased baby pigeons (squabs) under the panels or in the guttering. They will be removed and disposed of correctly.

Guttering can become blocked with bird guano, particularly if the birds have been nesting under the panels for some time. We will clear the guttering to a serviceable level.

We clean the area/guttering, remove pigeon nests and nesting materials as standard.

Proofing with Solar Guard Spikes/Pins


What if Exclusion Mesh and Clips are not possible?

If you do not have the ‘standard’ solar panel, with the metal edging frame around the panels. Don’t worry, we can still proof them!

Our proofing for the newer model black solar panels is achieved by using Pro-Bird Solar Guard.

This is because the solar panel clips cannot be affixed to the newer models as they do not have a lip on the underside of the metal frame to affix it to. Instead we use Pro Bird Solar Guard (pictures below)

The guard consists of non intrusive adjustable solar spikes fitted to the panels using a flexible, approved bonding material which, like the solar panel clips, will not void any warranty. The Solar Guard is nearly invisible to the eye from below.

Delta Pest Control offer a 5 year guarantee for our Pro-Bird Solar Guard installations.

The Solar guard works in exactly the same way as the exclusion mesh, by stopping the birds from accessing underneath the panels.

The guard is fixed to the panels, and will lift up along with the panel, for panel maintenance or servicing.

Why is Solar Panel Proofing Important?

Solar panels offer a ready-made shelter for birds to nest under. 

Nesting birds cause problems with solar panels and increase the need for general building maintenance. 

Birds nesting under the panels may damage cables or cause damage to the panels.


The birds deposit droppings and other debris on the panels, thus reducing output.

Their droppings also make a mess of the roof and surrounding areas, and block guttering.

Moreover, birds droppings are a health hazard as they can contain harmful pathogens.


Nests and nesting materials underneath the solar panels also presents a fire risk.. The materials can also contain or attract insects such as fleas, flies, beetles or bird mites.

Blocked Gutter from bird guano

Protecting your Solar Panels

Solar panel bird proofing will be installed on all sides of the array. Note that solar panel protection is harmless, it simply excludes the birds from entering.

Products will be installed that are specifically designed for solar panels, firstly to ensure they are effective and secondly to ensure that the panel warranty isn’t voided. 


We use specially designed solar panel clips, we do NOT drill into solar panels, using clips will not void the panels warranty. 

For your piece of mind, we offer a 10 year warranty on our solar panel proofing work using exclusion mesh and solar clips and a 5 year warranty on our solar guard installations.

At Delta Pest Control we offer a quick response and extremely competitive prices.

We offer a free survey and quote with no obligation.


Delta Pest Control use rope access and abseiling equipment. We also use ladders or a scaffold tower - whichever is more appropriate. This keeps costs low for the customer. However, in the unlikely event that the roof area is particularly difficult to access, we will diccuss alternative access solutions with you.

We reserve the right to rearrange appointments in adverse weather conditions, such as high winds or ice/snow.

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