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Ratting Terriers

ratting terriers

Delta Pest Control  have our own ratting dogs. Ratting with terriers is an extremely fast, effective and natural method of clearing rat infestations.  The terriers provide immediate results and therefore, there is no quicker way to clear a large scale infestation, than with terriers.


Our Patterdale Terriers are rat dogs by nature and have been trained to find rats and their nests. They also use their nose to mark places where rats are hiding or areas that rats are using frequently.

This is particularly useful in hard to access areas. 

The terriers are a great addition to the team, as they can cover large areas of ground quickly and rapidly pin point the source of the problem.

We have great connections with several "rat packs" up and down the UK. So if you require a pack of terriers for severe infestations, typically found on farming land or waste disposal premises, please get in touch and we will be happy to organise this for you.

Call Delta Pest Control to book an appointment: 07543 741433

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