Loft Insulation Removal and Replacement 

Loft insulation removal and replacement in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Some customers have their loft insulation removed and replaced following an infestation. Rats, Mice, Pigeons or Squirrels leave droppings and urine in the loft space, which soils the insulation and can leave an unpleasant smell.

Whether you are replacing insulation following an infestation, or simply looking to add or renew old insulation to reduce heat loss and energy bills – We can help!

Delta Pest Control are registered Waste Carriers. You can check registered organisations via the Environment Agency

Our team carry out an end to end service. We will removal all previously installed insulation (this will be taken away and disposed of correctly).  We will then clean the loft space.

Following this we install the base layer of loft insulation which is 100mm thick. We then add the top layer of insulation - you can either opt for a 170mm top layer or a thicker 200mm top layer.

Please note as of 2006, building regulations require that loft insulation should be atleast 270mm thick, and so our minimum installation will be 100mm, followed by a 170mm layer to remain compliant with building regulations.


Delta Pest Control can add a boarded area to your loft.

We can remove existing boarding to renew the insulation underneath, and either put back the existing boarding or supply new boarding, depending on your requirements.

Installation time for a typical 3 bedroom property is one day. For large properties and commercial premises, we can provide a timescale when quoting.

For a no obligation quote, please get in touch.

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