Loft Insulation Removal and Replacement 

Delta Pest Control provides loft insulation clearances in Coventry and Warwickshire. Following pest infestations in the loft space, many customers choose to have the contaminated insulation removed and replaced. 

Rats, Mice, Pigeons or Squirrels leave droppings and urine in the loft space, which soils the insulation and can leave an unpleasant smell.


Rodents faeces and urine can contain harmful pathogens and diseases. Most tradesmen will not go in the loft if such pathogens exist.

The contaminated insulation will be bagged up within the loft space, before begin removed from the property and correctly disposed of.

Delta Pest Control are registered Waste Carriers. You can check registered organisations via the Environment Agency

Following the removal of contaminated insulation, the loft space with be vacuumed and cleaned. As mentioned above, rodent faeces and urine can contain harmful pathogens and diseases. Delta Pest Control technicians will decontaminate the loft using our ULV disinfectant fogging machine. This will kill any remaining pathogens and bacteria.

Following the clearance and clean, you may wish to have new insulation installed.

Delta Pest Control supply and install the loft insulation. This is a hassle free process, leaving your home warmer and reducing energy costs all year round. 


You may wish to replace or add loft boarding to maximize storage in your loft. Or to replace boards damaged or chewed by pests. 

Delta Pest Control can supply and install boarding where required.

We have trusted builders we work with to provide loft hatch alterations and installation of loft ladders if needed.

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