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Bird Control & Bird Proofing

bird proofing

Delta Pest Control provides professional bird control and bird proofing for commercial and domestic properties.

We can provide a variety of bird proofing options including; bird netting, post and wire, bird spikes, or gel.

We are also able to provide birds of preys for bird deterrent. Please see our Bird of Prey Page for more details.  


All our bird proofing work is guaranteed and installed by qualified and insured pest technicians.

Bird Spikes

Delta Pest Control offers installation of bird spikes. Bird spikes are a humane method of preventing birds/pigeons from landing on signage and other ledges

bird netting
Pigeon Control Pest Control Coventry

Delta Pest Control will provide a full survey of the area and discuss the best course of action with the client. We will then provide a quote – method statements & risk assessments can also be provided upon request.

The area will be cleaned of any bird guano using biocide before commencing the proofing work.

Where necessary, any other materials left by birds, will be removed and the area will be cleaned - As there are insect infestations associated with birds, such as bird mites, fleas and lice.

Where bird control is required on rooftops, we will also check the guttering has not been blocked from bird guano or nesting materials, and remove as required.


Delta Pest Control also offer Pigeon and corvid trapping, nest removal or shooting, as well as wild bird removal. 

Again, once the birds have been removed, we clean the area to eradicate any bird guano, which contain harmful pathogens that can be transmitted to humans.

If you require Solar Panel Proofing, please see the dedicated solar panel page

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