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Bumble Bees! and what to do if you find them in your property

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

This season has been so busy with bee call outs! We have had lots of questions regarding bumble bees, so I hope this blog post is able to answer some of those questions.

Please note, as a company we do NOT kill bees.

Bumble Bees

bumble bee delta pest control
A tired little bumble bee, having a drink in our kitchen!

This time of year is very busy with bumble bees! Why?... Because the male bumble bees are often seen hovering outside the nest (this is called "nest surveillance").

The nest may have been there for some months, but people generally only become aware of it at this time of year, when the males hang around outside the nest.

The reason for this, is because it's mating season.

The male bumble bees are outside the nest, waiting for the newly emerging queens to exit the nest, so they can mate.

It is worth noting that the male bumble bees CANNOT sting. Only the females are capable of stinging.

What to do if Bumble Bees are nesting in your property

Bumble bees will move off in July/August time. We generally advise to leave them be (no pun intended!).

The bees do not create large nests, they are typically built in the loft/roof areas of properties, and will keep out of the way. So it is best to leave them to it, and once they have moved off, block up the entry point, and remove the nest (if accessible).

However, on occasions, the bees can be situated in areas that cause distress, for example creating noise preventing people from sleeping. If they are directly impacting you, causing distress and worry, we can remove them.

We remove the bumble bees, together with their nest in its entirety. The bees are removed carefully and most importantly alive!.

We have space available at our own property where the bees can continue their important job of pollinating and complete their life cycle for the year.

(Beekeepers are, in general, only accepting honey bee colonies.)

If you have any further questions, or require a bumble bee removal, please feel free to leave a message or give us a call.

Thank you

Team Delta

Delta Pest Control safe bumble bee removal
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