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Information About Cluster Flies

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Cluster Flies are a nuisance in the home and commercial spaces.

In the autumn they “cluster” together in large numbers in upper rooms or roof spaces of properties to hibernate.

Once the weather warms in the spring, cluster flies start to become active again. Although, in homes, as the temperature is controlled, it’s not uncommon for them to emerge earlier thinking spring has arrived. The adult flies will leave later on in the summer to lay their eggs.

They return every year to hibernate, after breeding and laying their eggs in nearby grass areas.

Treatment for Cluster Flies is simple and very effective, but it will need doing every year. Yearly treatment will see numbers decrease each year, so eventually they will become less of an annoyance.

Cluster flies do not bite. They are a problem mostly because of the large numbers they gather in, which is very unsightly in any home or business. Cluster flies may also leave excrement on surfaces and walls, which looks like tiny dark spots and can be difficult to clean off.

Cluster flies crawl into crevices or under the eaves and fascias into roof spaces and may start to gather in lofts or wall voids. So it is likely that if you spot a gathering of these flies, there will be more hiding and you could have an infestation somewhere in the property.

Below is a video of a big cluster fly issue in a large warehouse space. You can see the sheer volume of the flies once we had effectively treated the warehouse...and don't worry...we cleaned up afterwards!


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