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Terriers and rodent control

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Rats, they can get everywhere cant they!

Rats will take advantage of anywhere that makes them feel safe and comfortable.

This one had taken up home in a outbuilding in coventry city and caused a right mess.

Not a problem for the best tool in the delta pest control van,

Delta pest controls very own patterdale terrier 'hank' made short work of this big brown rat, after sniffing it out hiding in the outbuilding.

Why do I use a dog?

Terriers of all shapes and sizes will kill and sniff out rodents, their expert noses will take a fraction of the time to find hiding Rats and there nest sites that a human will spend looking for them, once caught a good terrier will dispatch the rat within seconds, quicker than a trap and more ethical and environmentally friendly than any poison.

With a terrier or terrier pack we can reduce the number of rodents in some cases by over half in a single visit, sometimes we can leave site withough leaving any behind,

Our terrier pack or terriers can find rats hiding any where, farms, small holdings or any large or small outside area weve been to them all and the terriers time and time again prove that they are infact the best tool in a pest controllers van.


Delta pest control

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