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Delta Pest Control is based in Coventry, West Midlands, UK.

We offer professional pest control and pest proofing services in Coventry, Warwickshire & surrounding areas. 

Delta Pest Control provides treatment & removal services in both residential and commercial properties.

At Delta Pest Control, we understand that pests infestations can be distressing. 


Our friendly staff work with our customers, to provide a tailored service, to fit your needs and provide fast-acting, effective solutions to pest problems.

We offer fast response to call outs in Coventry & surrounding areas, at competitive prices.

All Delta Pest Control's technicians are insured and qualified pest technicians, holding RSPH Level 2 qualifications in Pest Management as a minimum. So you can count on us for professional advice and services.

Call Delta Pest Control to book an appointment: 07543 741433


Delta Pest Control on BBC Midlands Today 

BBC Midlands Today followed one of our live bee removals. Please see the the interview below

Full List of our Pest Control Services

Insect Control

Treatment & Removal of Wasps Nests

Treatment of Ants Nests

Treatment of Fleas

Treatment of Carpet Beetles

Treatment for Flies & Cluster Flies

Treatment of Bedbugs

Treatment for Cockroaches

Removal & Relocation Services for Honey Bees

Bird Control & Bird Proofing

Protection of Solar Panels with Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Protection using Bird Netting / Pigeon Netting

Protection using Bird Spikes

Removal of Corvids & Pigeons

Wildlife Management Services

Wild Bird Removal

Bird Of Prey Services

Mammal Control

Mink Trapping

Trapping or Shooting of Rabbits

Trapping of Foxes

Trapping of Squirrels

Trapping of Moles

(We are registered with Mole-Catcher UK).

Rodent Control

Trapping & Treatment for Mice & Rats

Drain Proofing via Installation of Ratflaps/ Ratwall

CCTV Drain Inspection Surveys- Drain CCTV

Rat Catching/Detection with our Ratting Dogs

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Commercial Services


Delta Pest Control's commercial portfolio consists of a wide range of business premises.

We currently provide integrated pest management services for building sites, offices, factories, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants in Coventry and surrounding areas.

As well as one-off visits, we are able to provide either fixed term or rolling contracts for commercial premises.

We can provide a range of services, varying from weekly to quarterly visits depending on your business needs - and of course- we are always discrete, and can make arrangements to visit outside of opening hours where necessary.

Delta Pest Control also provides pest control services for those acquiring a new business premise. We carry out Full Premise Surveys which consist of; Survey, Inspection and Report including Recommendations for the premises.

For more information see Full Premise Surveys page.

Call Delta Pest Control for friendly help and advice: 07543 741433

Pest Proofing

Delta Pest Control provide pest proofing services for commercial and domestic properties in Coventry & Warwickshire.

We offer bird proofing and nest removal services. The bird proofing we can provide is either via netting, spikes or post and wire.

Read more about our Bird Proofing Services.

We also offer solar panel proofing for residential and commercial properties. 

Read more about our Solar Panel Proofing Service.

Delta Pest Control also provide proofing against rats, mice or squirrels within your home or commercial building.

Protection against rabbit damage to your land or garden with rabbit fencing.

Falconry Services & Bird Control

We have our own hawks for bird deterrent. This is particularly useful for covering large areas or where bird proofing is not possible. 

In the North of the UK, our good friends at Ryefield Falcons, based in Yorkshire,  offer Falconry services for bird deterrent, using a variety of experienced hawks and falcons. They also specialise in falcon breeding.

For more information please visit : 

Why Choose Us?

Coventry Based

We are based in Coventry and work within the area. Therefore we can provide a fast response to emergency call outs.

Family Friendly

At Delta Pest Control, we understand family. 

We are a family run business, who appreciate that looking after your families well-being, is a top priority. You can expect a friendly, and understanding approach to pest control in your home.

Accredited Experts

Delta Pest Control Technicians are insured, and qualified to RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management, as a minimum. Technicians are also trained for working at heights. Technicians are members of the BASIS Prompt Pest Controllers Register which provides independent proof that the pest controller has received proper professional training and has continued to update their expertise through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year.

Customer Satisfaction

We work with our customers to provide fast and effective pest control solutions. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service - Don't take our word for it, have a look at some of our reviews

Environmentally Conscious

Delta Pest Control supports the "Think Wildlife" campaign for the responsible use of rodenticides. Therefore keeping rodenticide use to a minimum, only after carrying out a full risk assessment, to reduce the impact on non-target species.

We also do a lot of work with local bee keepers. Bees are vital to our environment, and we will NEVER kill bees. 

In all aspects of our business we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, providing quotes and receipts electronically (where possible) to minimise printing and paper usage.

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