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Pest Control Calendar UK - Pests to watch out for month by month

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Delta Pest Control deals with a wide variety of pests throughout the year. Although not all pests are present all year round. Some are more prevalent in the summer months, whereas others thrive in the colder winter months.

Therefore it is important to understand which pests may be present in your home or commercial properties, so you know what to look out for each month.

January & February

During the cold months, there is an increase in the presents of rats, mice and grey squirrels in properties, as they seek out a warm place to make their home.

Although cockroaches generally prefer a warmer climate, they can be found in property all year round. Thanks to central heating, providing a perfect climate for these pests.

pest control coventry
Cold winter months can draw pests indoors


March marks the resurrection of insect infections, with ants beginning to re-emerge. There is also a high level of clothes moths during this time.

Grey squirrels begin to nest and have their first litters of the year.

April & May

The numbers of clothes moths remain high, as they were in March.

There a still moderate levels of rats, mice, cockroaches and ants at this point in the year. However, more insects begin to emerge as we progress into Spring, such as the house fly. We also begin to see wasps, as they set up nests, but at this point they will not be fully active. (This is a good time to deal with any wasps nests you find, before they become more active).

Although a pest all year round, pigeons nest in April, and can have up to 3 clutches during the summer months.


As the summer begins, insects are in full swing! - levels of bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and house flies all increase significantly. Although clothes moth levels will begin to die down.

Rats, mice, wasps and ants all remain active during this time.

This is the beginning of the second breeding season in the year for the grey squirrel, as they nest and begin having their second litters.


The dreaded wasp becomes a real annoyance during July, as does the increase in ants. Levels of bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches are also still on the rise during this time.

Wasp Nest removal pest control oventry
Queen Wasp and Wasps Nest


Insect levels remain high during August, particularly wasps and ants. Rats and mice also remain during this period, but the house fly is now dying off.


Wasp levels remain high during September, although other insects problems will have calmed.

Moles are also on the move in September, and continuing into the winter months.

Rats, mice and cockroaches are still an issue this month. September also marks the beginning of spider season!

insect infestation pest control coventry
September is the beginning of spider season, as they come into property looking for a warm place to breed


As the weather turns, birds head off for a warmer climate.

Rats, mice, and squirrels come into properties looking for a warmer environment to nest, and spiders look for a warm place to breed.

Wasps are still present during October, although much fewer than the summer months.


Spiders remain at high levels throughout November. Infestations from rats, mice, squirrels and non migratory bird species, now increase dramatically as they head indoors to nest or hibernate.


Spider levels will now start to drop. There will still be a high level of rat, mouse and squirrel infestations.


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